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Q.What is the data source?

A. We are a part of a global lightning detection networked invented by EarthNetworks of USA.

Q.What is the accuracy of your detection?

A. We are the best and true global severe weather data source. Depending on the lightning sensor density our location accuracy can be as good as few hundred meters. Cloud to ground lightnings are detected more than 90% of the occurances and cloud to cloud lightnings are detected 50% of the occurances.

Q.Do you have case studies where your alerts are corralted with ground truth?

A. Yes. Many. We documented many cases where we generated alarms and the consequences were really severe.

Q.How can I register?

A. Just fill out the order form and pay with your credit card. We will start your service typically in 24 hours.

Q.How can I terminate the subscription?

A. Send us a notification of service termination before the nearest withdrawal from your credit card. We will stop the service and renewals from your credit card.

Q.What can people do if they are alerted about an approaching storm?

A. Knowing the precise time and route of the storm makes difference in taking precautions and saving lives/properties. Broad and general warnings are not effective as we experienced in many cases. People can evacuate dangerous places and take shelter before the event. Farmers can utilize their hail cannons. Pilots can detour CB clouds. Municipilaties can warn citizens. Etc.

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