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Lightning Proximity Alerts

Beware of lightning strikes as they approach to your vicinity

We draw up to three virtual circular fences for the point of interest to be warned. Civil workers, airport field workers, farmers, students, sport events, concerts, golf clubs, sea ports, sensitive infrastructures, energy hubs, etc benefit from the alerts we generate very timely for their locations. SMS and email alerts are broadcasted if a ligthning strike is detected inside the virtual circular fences. When the threat is over, all clear message is also shared to resume activities. Just give us your coordinate and contact information, the rest is up to our weather bots.

Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTA)

Severity and frequency of thunderstorms increases. Effective alerts should be temporaspatial. saves a lot as it alerts its subscribers for the approaching severe weather. Hail, flood, high winds, tornados are revealed 30 minutes to 1 hour before storm hits. DTA alerts calculates precise time of storm arrival and location where other weather warnings are just very generic and very broad. Municipalities, utilities, airports, schools, ports, wind farms, green houses use timely alarms to behave and save. Just give us your coordinate and contact information, the rest is up to our weather bots.

Event Verification

Companies access to unbiased detection data for event verification.

Claims coming from field should be checked against its correctness. Frauds are eliminated by matching ground truth to detection data. Insurence customers can present data to ease expert investigation. On the other hand insurance companies can easiy access detection data over corporate APIs. Just give us event's coordinate and time, the report will come to your email.

Climate Risk Analysis Report

Before investment decisions investors know the climate risks of the subject location. compiles statistical results form its database of severe weather. For asked period, summary of weather events are reported to the user. Reports are also used for insurance pricing and probable maximum loss calculations.

Coordinate Based Weather Forecast

Companies should access accurate weather forecast with a single and simple price tag.

We provide the best possible weather forecasts to our customers operating in many industries. 4km by 4km grids, coordinate based interpolation on top of severe weather network and 12+ ensemble models gives us competitive advantage. For the weather critical operations we can also excel our services by establishing feedback loop via weather stations and real time measurements. Apart from classical parameters please consult us for your special needs such as radial ice accumulation, wet bulb, storm probability, heat index, etc.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. (C.Darwin)

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